During the sessions, there is an opportunity for children to take part in some fun athletic challenges. These challenges focus on the 5 main athletic disciplines of running, Jumping, throwing, balance and agility, therefore simulating the main sporting movements. The tests are:

1) 20m sprint (running)
2) Standing Broad Jump (jumping)
3) Ball throw (throwing)
4) Standing stork test (balance)
5) Hexagonal agility test (agility)

Success in these tests will be rewarded by gaining the Future Star Award:

Children who achieve a score in the top level will be presented with a bespoke ‘pin’ denoting the sporting discipline it was achieved in. There are therefore 5 to collect and will come with a presentation box. Children who achieve one or more of these awards will be considered a ‘Future Star’.

‘Future Stars’ are children who achieve excellent scores and show real sporting potential. Young Athlete will discover their sporting interests and highlight their physical strengths. Once an evaluation has taken place, communication with sport specific clubs will commence with the aim to involve them in the clubs training and sporting teams.

Maybe this could be the start of something big!

Training the stars of the future
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